Short description

linkocareLinkoCare Life Sciences Ltd. (AB) is a private knowledge‐intensive company registered in Sweden, with the mission of further development and commercialization of a high quality, reliable, and biocompatible bioengineered cornea to help restore sight to millions suffering from corneal blindness and low vision. The company’s long‐term goal is to design, develop, manufacture, and market Medical Devices and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) based on novel biomaterials, to address a wide‐range of medical applications in Europe and beyond. LinkoCare is a spin‐off of Linköping University (LiU) developing commercially viable tissue‐engineered corneas. The strong connection of the company with the Innovation Office at LiU and with the business‐oriented environment at the Mjardevi Science Park in Linköping, provides an excellent opportunity for the company to receive business coaching and access to the Swedish and European medical technology sector.

Main roles in the project

  • WP2: development and production of GMP-compliance bioengineerd corneas for trial in pig animal models, and development and production of GMP-compliance bioengineerd corneas (LinkCorâ Cornea) for trial in humans
  • WP4: development of novel ultra-thin BioMembranes as carrires for corneal endothelial cells for DMEK transplantation (endothelial keratolplasty)
  • WP7: development of novel BioMembranes as best treatment for nerve regeneration in guinea pig flap model and
  • WP8: commercialization of the potential products developed under WP2, WP4 and WP7

Key persons involved

Shideh Tabe (female) – B.Sc., MBA, Principal investigator

Mrs Tabe is Business Development Manager at Linkocare Life Sciences AB. She holds an MBA from Sweden, Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science (Canada) and Applied Mathematics (Iran). She is responsible for overseeing and managing Linkocare’s activities from Research and Development to commercialization. Within this role, she has established a quality management system based on ISO13485 and developed a regulatory strategy for the company’s first bioengineered cornea product (BPC implants). She continues to establish partnerships with suppliers, manufacturing partners, CROs, clinicians and regulatory authorities. She also develops and implements budgets, and prepares reports for the Board of Directors and individual investors and stakeholders.




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