Short description

opmedtOptoMedical Technologies GmbH (OpMedT) is an OCT‐technology‐based Start‐Up company founded in 2010. It is located in Lübeck (Germany) and accrued from one of the biggest research communities working on OCT‐technology and OCT‐applications. Main goal of the OpMedT is to bring OCT‐technology to different medical disciplines like Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery and ENT. In 2010 they presented the first product of the company ‐ a universal OCT‐camera that can be mounted on different surgical microscopes and offers the intra‐operative OCT (iOCT) for monitoring surgical procedures and their outcome. Especially in Ophthalmology exciting new applications were presented because the surgeons had the first time an intraoperative OCT possibility. Since 2012 the company has a certified full quality assurance system ‐ Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices (MDD), Annex II excluding (4) with the ability to “design and development, production, sales and service of devices for optical coherence tomography”.

Main roles in the project

  • WP6: involved in objective 6.2 (tasks 6.2.1, 6.2.2, 6.2.3) where we will modify an OCT device with a CE‐mark to be able to use this technology (three imaging modes) in human patients. Testing will be done in healthy human volunteers, to image the network of resident lymphatics in the corneal limbus and conjunctiva. Then, in‐vivo analysis of pathologically vascularized human corneas in patients prior to transplantation (preoperative OCT validation) using novel high‐resolution OCT is performed by both UKK and OPMedT.
  • WP8: support exploitation activities

Key persons involved

Eva Lankenua (female) – MD, PhD, CEO, Principal investigator

Dr Lankenau is the managing director of OPMedT. Starting in 1996 she worked in the “Medizinisches Laserzentrum Lübeck GmbH” (MLL) at the optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology and application development and performed her Ph.D. in this field. In the past 20 years she developed innumerable OCT‐prototypes for several disciplines and applications. In 2009 she decided to bring one of the ideas to the market and with help of a german research transfer program (“EXIST Forschungstransfer”) she started to form a group that developed the first prototype of the universal OCT‐camera. In 2010 she founded the OptoMedical Technologies GmbH that is today part of the well‐known Haag‐Streit Group (Köniz, Switzerland). Dr. Lankenau will provide technical advice and oversee management and resource allocation for OPMEDT participation in ARREST BLINDNESS.

Marc Krug (male) – PhD, COO, Deputy principal investigator

Dr Krug is also managing director of OPMedT and holds an Ph.D. in physics in the field of ultra‐short laser phenomena and quantum optics. He focuses on the R&D of the company’s products and the feasibility of new products. He works in the company since the foundation. Dr. Krug’s role will be to manage the detailed technical, scientific, and training contribution of OPMedT to ARREST BLINDNESS, including coordination of manufacturing, hardware, software, and design engineers. He will also oversee the integration of OPMEDT products at the partner sites in WP5 and WP6.




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