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mllMedical Laser Center in Luebeck (MLL) is a center at the University of Luebeck with a legal link to OPMedT.





Main roles in the project

  • WP6: involved in objective 6.1 on vascularized corneas will be imaged using three imaging modes of in vivo OCT that utilize different optical phenomena: high‐resolution, polarization, and Doppler OCT. These OCT devices and imaging modes developed by OPMedT, will be evaluated in cooperation with UKK and add to the state‐of‐the‐art in‐vivo imaging station OCM combining OCT imaging, fluorescein imaging and angiography which is already established at the Imaging Center at UKK. Pilot experiments suggest the new OCT imaging modes can visualize lymphatics as empty‐appearing structures containing leukocytes traveling at low velocity.
  • WP
  • WP

Key persons involved

Gereon Hüttmann (male) – Principal investigator

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