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lbgThe Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for clinical and experimental traumatology (LBT) is part of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (i.e. Ludwig Boltzmann Society ‐ LBG), which is the most prominent private nonuniversity research organization in Austria. Founded in 1960, the LBG is the parent organization of 13 Ludwig Boltzmann Institutes (LBIs) and five Ludwig Boltzmann Clusters (LBCs). The institutes and clusters conduct leading‐edge research in life sciences as well as social sciences, humanities, the arts and cultural studies. The work done at the LBIs and LBCs constitutes the LBG’S unique research portfolio. Named after the famous Austrian physicist, mathematician and philosopher Ludwig Boltzmann, the LBG still takes its lead from his wide range of academic interests, by pursuing interdisciplinary approaches. The core of research of the LBG is health sciences. The LBG also initiates medical and social sciences, especially in the field of health technology assessments. The LBT, which is generally funded by the workmens compensation insurance and greater biotech companies, is the biggest of its kind in the LBG.

LBT´s prime mission is to improve diagnostic and therapeutic measures in trauma care and has developed two major fields of research – Tissue Regeneration (head Prof. H. Redl) and Intensive Care (head Prof. S. Bahrami). The Tissue Regeneration section is subdivided into five areas – endothelial tissue, soft tissue, cartilage, bone and neuroregeneration. The LBT hosts state‐of‐the‐art facilities for tissue engineering including stem cell research. It employs app. 65 full time researchers and assistant staff. With its full translational approach and an interdisciplinary team including trauma surgeons, veterinarians, life scientists in particular molecular biologists, engineers, etc. it provides an optimal research environment with the special research areas of tissue regeneration as well as a pre-clinical imaging. Furthermore it provides all necessary preclinical animal models.

Main roles in the project

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Key persons involved

Christian Gabriel (male) – MD, Principal investigator

Dr. Gabriel obtained his doctorate at the University of Innsbruck, Austria in 1983. He is a transfusion medicine specialist since 1994 and cooperation coordinator of the LBT lab in Linz. His research focus is the development of next generation sequencing for immunogenetics and immunology, the production of engineered tissues and cells, especially derived from placental or corneal origin. He also has research interests in secretomes and their clinical use as well in cell culture media from human sources. Dr. Gabriel is part of a team of PhDs and technicians in the areas of regenerative medicine and bioinformatics for in vitro corneal imaging. He has ongoing collaborative studies with research groups in Austria, Germany, Poland and Italy and has authored over 120 publications in international journals in the field of immunogenetics, transfusion medicine, transplantation, tissue banking and regenerative medicine. He is a frequent speaker at international regenerative and transfusion medicine conferences. Dr. Gabriel is a regular peer reviewer for journals including BMC Cancer, Tissue antigens, Transfusion, Vox Sanguinis. He has received research funding from the Austrian foundation for sciences, the European Commission, as well as funding from several diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies.

Heinz Redl (male) – Professor, Deputy principal investigator, overall scientific coordination

Prof Redl is director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology in Vienna and professor of the Technical University of Vienna. The LBI Trauma specialized in tissue regeneration is run by him since 1998. He is member/officer of several societies and editorial boards. He founded the company Trauma Care Consult in 1998 and acts as a consultant to pharmaceutical companies supporting product registration at FDA, EMEA. He is the organizer of the world congress in tissue engineering TERMIS 2012. Expertise: Long experience in different fields of tissue regeneration, codeveloper of the fibrin sealant system (30 years) and many collaboration projects with industry.




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