Novaliq (partner 11) announces positive results of Phase 2 clinical trial

Our project partner, Novaliq GmbH, has announced positive results from their Phase 2 clinical  trial results evaluating CyclASol® in adults with moderate to severe dry eye disease. More information can be found in their press release.

Novaliq GmbH is a drug delivery company located in the Heidelberg Technology Park, Germany. They develop innovative pharmaceutical formulations based on semifluorinated alkanes (SFAs). They are involved in WP6, Objective 6.2 and 6.4, on modification and use of OCT in human corneas in a clinical case series, and on in-vivo and immunohistochemical evaluation of the antilymphangiogenic and lymphangioregressive effect of three novel antilymphangiogenic agents using OCT and immunohistochemistry in a murine model, respectively.

Together with partner 5 (UKK), Novaliq  addresses the objectives mentioned above in WP6. Specifically, Novaliq is providing novel semi‐fluoronated alcanes (SFAs) as a drug carrier to improve drug delivery across the corneal epithelial barrier, which is a key enabling technology used in the company’s first ophthalmic product – eye drops for treating dry eye disease – which received the CE mark in 2013.

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