The Summer Training School 2017 – Trainee Evaluation Form Results

At the end of last day we sent around a survey with few questions to evaluate the summer training school. As you can see in the link below, the trainees also very much appreciated the Training School and lifted it to a high scientific standard that gave them a lot of practical knowledge as well. The feedback from trainees was very good, for example:

  • Having high quality trainers contributes to a high quality summer training school.
  • Thematic groups of lectures are best, alternating with a mix of hands-on demonstrations and wet-labs (testing of equipment a couple of days prior is recommended!).
  • Informal networking and discussions are extremely valuable for trainees, and this can occur best outside the academic venues, during social activities for example.
  • Social activities are as important as the scientific part, and should be given equal priority and time in the programme.
  • A proper introduction of all trainees at the start would be good (it could be done for example with one slide per participant describing their research interest).

Please, click on the following link to read the entire feedback:

Evaluation response summer school

We thank to all organisers and participants of the Training School!

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